I’m going to cover the basics here and not dive into any amount of great detail. I’ll come back through later and fill in some details if you can’t follow along but I don’t want to write a bunch of stuff that isn’t really helpful. KISS principles apply (Keep It Simple Studid).

But basically, a Gnosis Multisig wallet is a really great choice as an added layer of security for your crypto assets. It is exactly what it’s name implies, just a wallet that requires multiple signatures to be signed before any contract is executed. If, for example, your account…

So I’ve been trying to think about how I should go about learning more about crypto. I’ve been invested and will continue to be invested but I feel like that isn’t what I want to get out of this new blockchain revolution. I really would like to have an impact. I’d like to learn more about the tech and maybe even have some kind of influence. I don’t want to become a thought leader or anything major like that. I just want to be a part of the revolution in whatever small way that I can.

So really, this is…

I’m a nerd that doesn’t possess the technological understanding necessary for much high level AI talk. It is beyond me. But I understand the basics. You run algorithms on massive amounts of data to retrieve and use the useful insights gained.

This doesn’t sound that amazing or world changing when it’s simplified in such terms. But the implications of this new world that we live in can’t be understated and Kai Fu-Lee explains it in such a perfect way where even dummies like me can understand.

I became fascinated with AI whenever I heard Elon Musk give a speech about…

I’ve given allot of thought to this issue because I think it’s an issue about freedom of speech, not necessarily about racism. Yes, Roseanne tweeted a very dumb racist comment. But should she be fired and have a show that I like destroyed?

First, the moral argument and then I’ll get to the business argument. From a moral perspective I think it’s abhorrent to fire and publicly shame anyone for practicing their free speech. Even if that speech is racist and dumb.

I personally love Roseanne. Listening to her talk about issues is incredibly funny to me. She’s foul mouthed…

If you’re a small business then you should use QuickBooks. For me, it’s been the only accounting software that I’ve used and I’m not sure how I’d conduct business without it. The software is incredibly powerful yet surprisingly easy to use.

If you’re a business owner I’d hope that you have some basic accounting skills. Actually, if you’re an adult I’d hope that you have some basic accounting skills. If you don’t know what a P&L is then there may be somewhat of a learning curve. …

I opened my first brick and mortar business on my own in 2015. Ever since then I’ve been the proud owner of Kansas City’s first and only self serve bar. The thing that drives me crazy though, are the people that have absolutely no idea what goes in to making a business run. Entrepreneurs aren’t blessed by little money fairies who sprinkle us with magic money dust.

We’re in the trenches taking grenades on a daily basis.

UNDERSTAND your limitations. If your not good at something, then expect to pay someone for it. Or work like crazy figuring it out.

Is It A Good Idea

First, before you even find out if your idea isn’t taken, you’ve got to make sure that it’s a good idea. Basically start by asking friends and family what they think of your idea. Make sure you canvass a diverse group of people to get as many perspectives as possible. A lot of times this will require you to make several adjustments and refinements while the idea is still extremely malleable.

Is It Obvious

Once you’ve canvassed a large diverse group of close confidants, you should expand out and do larger scale market research. Not only will this help identify what it is…

Your point of sale system is the central nervous system of your business. Which makes it somewhat ironic that the industry refers to it as merely a “POS”. Which is exactly what you’ll refer to it if it ever goes down on a busy Saturday night. Your POS system, being the nervous system of the business, is basically the system that is going to tie everything together. Therefore, depending on the businesses’ operations, a POS system can be an extremely complicated system for full hospitality businesses or just a simple payment processor for a small location like a coffee shop.

Mobile Solutions

Persistance is Key

If you plan on being an entrepreneur then you better recognize that it’s a life choice. This is a career. It’s not a hobby. You will mess up and you will make stupid mistakes at some point in your career. You’ll do something so bone headed stupid that you’ll be embarrased to come into work the next day. But guess what, you’ll still have to go. You don’t have to go because a boss is expects you to go. You have to go because your livelihood depends on it.

You only make mistakes if you’re really trying

The only people that don’t make mistakes are the people that…

So I’ve been extremely interested in the new airport that the city’s been talking about for over 5 years now. It’s a massive project, estimated at around $1B, and has just recently had a proposal for private financing of the entire project. No cost to taxpayers, no sales taxes, no municipal bonds, and no private/public financing. Straight up private financing of a $1B new airport is absolutely unprecedented in the states, and will surely set a new benchmark for other airport expansion projects throughout the country.

To me, it sounds like it’s almost too good to be true! How can…

Scott Kalwei

Just trying to learn crypto…

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